OICC maintains a complete, high production investment casting facility in Oklahoma.

We cast parts ranging in size from a fraction of an ounce up to 60 pounds.

We maintain close linear tolerances on a wide variety of shapes including closed angular passages, undercuts, sharp corners, cling holes, and thin walls.

Fully robotic shell processing results in consistent quality on long runs. Temperature and humidity are tightly controlled within just a few percentage points in our shell and drying rooms.

Our experienced Process Control and Metallurgical engineers are masters at producing high quality castings.

OICC has developed an excellent quality assurance program. We have both the equipment and the expertise to consistently deliver parts of the highest quality.


OICC achieved ISO 9001 Certification in March 12, 2003.


Our facility features the latest technology in solid state induction melting equipment with two power sources and four furnaces ranging from 300 to 500 pound capacity.

Melt heats are certified on an optical emission spectrometer before the metal is poured. This assures metallurgical accuracy.

 We use highly efficient Pusher Kilns rather than old style box kilns to enhance ceramic curing and burn out prior to pouring.

We are large enough and have the financial stability to meet your requirements, yet we are small enough to deal with every customer on a personal basis.

We have over twenty five years of experience in the manufacture of high quality investment castings and can create timely solutions to your investment casting needs.